2010/03/03   we are sinking  (Gothenburg, Sweden)
2009/08/22   Hallberg-Rassy  (Ellös, Sweden)
2009/08/08   Sailing with Edlunds  (Gothenburg, Sweden)
2009/06/28   Torbjörn's sailboat  (Gothenburg, Sweden)
2008/10/18   some bay racing  (Berkeley, California, USA)
2008/09/13   Wintering the boat  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2008/08/30   Sailing with Christine  (West coast, Sweden)
2008/08/29   (Almost) last sail  (West coast, Sweden)
2008/06/06   Kayaking Kungsholmen  (Stockholm, Sweden)
2008/05/31   24-hour sailing  (Stockholm, Sweden)
2008/05/11   Buzzing to Timrarön  (Stockholm, Sweden)
2007/09/15   Last cruise -07  (The West Coast, Sweden)
2007/07/28   Family day cruise  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2007/05/29   Jib repair in Smögen  (Smögen, Sweden)
2007/05/14   Boat launch  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2007/01/28   Sabine's birthday trip  (Sydney, Australia)
2007/01/26   Australia Day  (Sydney, Australia)
2007/01/25   Middle Harbour Twilight  (Sydney, Australia)
2007/01/07   Paramatta cruise  (Sydney, Australia)
2006/12/31   Cruisin' on New Year's  (Sydney, Australia)
2006/12/23   Christmas Vagabonds  (Sydney, Australia)
2006/11/25   more dolphins...  (Coffs Harbour, Australia)
2006/11/25   Coffs Harbour  (Coffs Harbour, Australia)
2006/11/01   Twilight sailing  (Sydney, Australia)
2006/10/20   Flinders Islet  (Wollongong, Australia)
2006/09/26   Boat out of water  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2006/09/16   Last day of sailing  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2006/09/13   A few days of sailing  (The west coast, Sweden)
2006/08/26   Hallberg Rassy Boat Show  (Ellös, Orust, Sweden)
2006/01/10   A ship is born (in Swedish)  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2005/08/11   The Last Mile  (Emeryville, California, USA)
2005/07/31   T/S Britta departs  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2005/07/30   Last day out  (Gullholmen, Sweden)
2005/07/29   Birthday on the rocks  (Smögen, Sweden)
2005/07/27   Långö - Fjällbacka  (Fjällbacka, Sweden)
2005/07/24   Soten to Hunnebo  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2005/07/24   BPS 2005  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2005/07/16   Day cruise on T/S Britta  (Uddevalla, Sweden)
2005/06/20   Sternersons at sea  (The Bay, California, USA)
2005/06/01   Icelandic Winds  (The Bay, California, USA)
2005/04/24   still afloat  (Emeryville, California, USA)
2005/04/10   An April day Bay  (The Bay, California, USA)
2005/01/23   On a hot January Sunday  (Emeryville, California, USA)
2004/11/20   40 mile sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/11/04   Sailing off to Sweden  (Rockridge, California, USA)
2004/10/12   Kev's 29th b-day sail  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/09/25   Tahoe boat trip  (Lake Tahoe, California, USA)
2004/09/22   Hot after work sunset  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/09/04   Sail around Angel Island  (Angel Island, California, USA)
2004/09/01   Windy and warm  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/08/14   Sailing with Dad & A-L 2  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/13   Sailing with Dad & A-L  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/08   Tall Ship 2004-8  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/07   Tall Ship 2004-7  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/06   Tall Ship 2004-6  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/06   Tall Ship 2004-5  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/05   Tall Ship 2004-4  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/04   Tall Ship 2004-3  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/03   Tall Ship 2004-2  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/02   Tall Ship 2004-1  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/08/02   Tall Ship 2004  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/31   BPS 2004-5  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/30   BPS 2004-4  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/28   BPS 2004-3  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/27   BPS 2004-2  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/26   BPS 2004-1  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/25   BPS 2004  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2004/07/22   Thursbay Sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/07/15   A hot night out  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/07/08   Summer Breeze  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/06/04   First afterwork 2004  (Emeryville, California, USA)
2004/05/02   Sunday with Friends  (Rockridge, California, USA)
2004/04/25   The Bay in 30 minutes  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/03/06   Sandrine's first one  (The Bay, California, USA)
2004/01/10   Eithne's first time out  (The Bay, USA)
2003/11/22   Fall Sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/11/07   Lull before the storm  (Emeryville, California, USA)
2003/10/26   Lena,Wendy,Dennis at Bay  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/09/21   Steuermann, laß die Wacht!  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/09/19   Sailing Palms  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/08/31   Bay Splash  (Berkeley, California, USA)
2003/08/09   Stockholm waterways  (Stockholm, Sweden)
2003/08/06   Testholmen-Lysekil  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2003/08/05   a day by the coast  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2003/08/04   Sailing with dad  (Bohuslän, Sweden)
2003/08/03   T/S Britta  (Lysekil, Sweden)
2003/07/16   sunset to moonrise  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/07/01   Martin&Malin: sailing  (Berkeley, California, USA)
2003/06/21   Farallone Whale  (The Farallones, California, USA)
2003/06/17   Tjejsegling  (Berkeley, California, USA)
2003/05/31   Overnight at Angel Island  (Angel Island, California, USA)
2003/05/14   Afterwork sunset cruise  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/05/13   Foggy bay trip  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/04/18   Angel Island Hike  (Angel Island, California, USA)
2003/01/18   Saturday Afternoon  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/01/05   2 o'clock sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2003/01/01   Sailing January 1st  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/12/23   December sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/11/23   SF overnight  (San Francisco, California, USA)
2002/11/21   Night Owls  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/11/17   A grand day out  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/11/10   Mid November Sunday  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/11/09   Mid November Saturday  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/10/26   Chilly sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/10/16   Last After Work  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/10/12   Feet Week air show  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/10/04   Ben's birthday sailing  (Alameda, California, USA)
2002/10/03   Thursday After Work  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/10/02   Short After Work sail  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/09/07   Tiburon sailing  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/09/02   Labor Day single handed  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/08/28   Tall Ships Parade  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/08/11   Treasure Isle trip  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/08/08   After work joy  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/07/22   Sailing to Berkeley  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/07/18   Sail with Henrik & Martina  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/07/10   Sail with Henrik  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/06/25   Sailing with Erika & co  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/05/18   Bay cruise  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/05/02   Sailing with Hans & Ulrika  (California, USA)
2002/02/24   Sailing for two  (The Bay, California, USA)
2002/02/10   First sailing 2002  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/11/17   Lior & Angelika sail  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/10/27   Javier & Mariel  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/09/01   Emeryville Marina  (Emeryville, California, USA)
2001/08/27   Sailing Copy Party  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/08/01   Körsegling 2001  (Västkusten, Sweden)
2001/07/25   BPS-01  (Västkusten, Sweden)
2001/06/15   Tiburon Trip  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/06/12   All-Swedish Sunset  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/06/06   The First Mile  (The Bay, California, USA)
2001/06/06   Solstice  (California, USA)
2001/04/01   Alameda Racing  (California, USA)
2000/07/28   Körsegling 2000  (Västkusten, Sweden)
2000/07/27   Lenas Dagbok - Körsegling  (Västkusten, Sweden)
2000/04/30   Opening of the bay  (The Bay, California, USA)
2000/04/12   California coast  (California, USA)
1999/08/01   Körsegling Marina-99  (Västkusten, Sweden)
1999/08/01   Körsegling AK-99  (Västkusten, Sweden)
1999/08/01   Bilder från segling 1999  (Västkusten, Sweden)
1999/07/25   BPS-99  (Västkusten, Sweden)
1998/08/01   Körsegling 1998  (Västkusten, Sweden)
1997/08/01   Körsegling AK-97  (Västkusten, Sweden)

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