best of...

A glimpse of the Golden Gate during a foggy trip on the bay

Window frosting on the summer house on Orust, Sweden

A glimpse of Johan during BPS-99

Airborne refuel practice over San Francisco Bay

Hiking by Drakes Bay, California

Local transportation on Li River in Guilin, China

Doing some surgery to fix my camera

The forest on the farm in Sweden

Thread rolls in a silk factory outside Shanghai, China

A solid collection of mens´ chorus pieces, scene from T/S Britta, Sweden

Cozy Christmas lights on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Our cottage on Orust, Sweden

Hannah heading up Big Chief in Truckee, California

Taking a break by Lake Berryessa, Napa Valley, California

Roof ornaments on palace in Beijing, China

A flower bouquet on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Scene from the gardens of the Mission in San Juan Bautista near Hollister, California

Fall foliage along my way to work in Fremont, California

Daphna letting us in on the secrets of Hannukkah during a ski trip at Bear Valley in California

Afternoon sunset during a snow mobile trip in central Sweden

Christine climbs the mast of T/S Britta in Sweden

A moment during Christof and Imolas wedding in Carmel, California

Roses through a fence in Hollister, California

Tree filled meadow in Briones Regional Park, California

Roofs in Beijing, China

The farm residence in Sweden

Peking Duck feast in Beijing, China

browsing the web on a winter evening

New Year over Gothenburg, Sweden

Winter sunrise through the apple trees on the farm in Sweden

Ready for picnic on Angel Island, California

Getting into the groove on a house boat in Sausolito, California

Gutted cars at Pick´n Pull in Oakland, California

Mailboxes in Sausolito, California

Getting a homemade hat for Christmas in Sweden

Spotting a racoon by the Emeryville Marina

The moon as seen through binoculars from Berkeley, Calfornia

Section of the strip in Las Vegas, Nevada

A quiet moment on the San Francisco Bay, California

My stay at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ready for the rapids on North Yuba River, California

The water ballet by Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada

Morning fog over Coyote Hills in Fremont, California

T/S Britta moored off an island in the northern archipelago on the west coast of Sweden

Happy camper celebrating midsummer in Hunnebostrand, Sweden

Ped & Ed in a blurry midsummer party shot on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

My Jack in the Box antenna figure in Ememryville, California

After sunset over the San Francisco bay

Getting there first off the Swedish west coast

Peaceful waterfall in Big Basin, California

A glimpse of the Forbidden City, China

Rolling hills near Hollister, California

Lukas and I on the farm in Sweden

Pottery in Hollister, California

Posing along the cross country tracks of Northstar, California

The ghost town of Bodie, California

Ducks on Lake Merritt in Oakland, California

Chinese man for a swim in the river through Beijing, China

Billy Idol as seen at Madame Tusseaud´s in Las Vegas, Nevada

Pottery manufacturing in Beijing, China

The ladies are reaching for Maja´s flowers in Mountain View, California

Goggle view on a snowshoe hike atop Mt Donner in Lake Tahoe, California

Kevin and Valerie tying the knot in Beverly Hills, California

UC Alumni Chorus lined up on the Great Wall in China, 2002

Mingeling at Erik & Madeleine´s wedding in Berkeley, California

T/S Britta during North Sea trawling, before her conversion to a tall ship.

A glimpse of the newly opened IKEA store in Emeryville, California

Winter morning sunrise from my window in Uddevalla, Sweden

Toker goes for a spin in Uddevalla, Sweden

Hanna & Lukas on a high speed trip outside the Golden Gate

Coming down the rapids on North Yuba River, California

Memorable moment on Maui, Hawaii

Distant view of Mount Fuji, Japan

Grave lights in Uddevalla, Sweden

Volcano eruption outside The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada

A California Poppy atop Mission Peak, Fremont

A view from the bay of downtown San Francisco, California

The fishing village of Fjällbacka, Sweden

Dream breakfast at an inn in Mendocino, California

The bat who lived on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Gliding in for a lunch stop at Eagle Peak Cross Country, California

Playing boy in Beijing, China

Street sign inferno in San Francisco, California


Trainside view between Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden

Racoon by Emeryville Marina

Sunset glimpse of The Campanile, Berkeley, California

Winter sunset on the farm in Sweden

Apartment building on Sacramento St in San Francisco, California

Marina & Maja sticking their heads out in the San Francisco summer winds

My sister´s summer home on Orust, Sweden

Puffin on Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Newborn lizard under Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

A new terracotta soldier in Xi´an, China

Nice day for a ride up Mt Diablo, California

The first dance for Maja and Eugene in Mountain View, California

Dress rehearsal for MacBeth with Berkeley Opera

After sunset, Berkeley, California

Architecture in Beijing, China

Solarized snapshot of Christof during a San Francisco bay cruise

Happy climber in Palm Springs, California

Sphinx outisde Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada

Ed climbs out of a basement party in Oakland, California

Part of the Windsor Castle in London, England

Roadside view of Yosemite Valley, California

A treasureous moment in Aliso Viejo in Southern California

The back of a large whale spotted by Farallone Island outisde of San Francisco, California

The bat who lived on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Experimenting with underwater photograhy in Smögen, Sweden

Ready for the show at Excalibur in Las Vegas, Nevada

Enjoying the summer sun on T/S Britta in Sweden

The old car as seen off a big rig hub cap in California

Duties on the farm in Sweden

The Great Wall in China

Mission bells in San Juan Bautista, near Hollister, California

Alley of trees in the coastal range east of Big Sur

Christmas tree on the farm in Sweden

Alctraz through binoculars from Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Olof enjoying the snow in South Lake Tahoe, California

Lava fields in Arizona

Action moment between Denmark and Norway

North and South Beach near Point Reyes, California

View along Powell St in Emeryville, California

Summer clouds over the Berkeley hills in California

Leaves along my way to work in Fremont, California

Replacing cracked roof tiles on the farm in Sweden

Calm sunset cruise on the San Francisco Bay

Window decorations in Hollister, California

Five foot rattle snake along Alameda Creek Trail in Fremont, California

Headless terracotta soldiers in Xi´an, China

A glass of wine in Truckee, California

A cross country day in Northstar, California

Perfect Fifth (P5) as seen in Dalian, China

Nephews on a top-down trip in the Berkeley Hills

One of the first trips on the bay with Solstice, California

Sunset near Fjällbacka, Sweden

Torbjörn and Marina taking a lunch break with their feet dangling above Yosemite Valley, California

Peppers on Preston Vineyards in Napa Valley, California

New York, as seen in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fleet Week moment in San Francisco, California

Evening skies over Berkeley, California

A lonely rock in Monument Valley, Arizona

Pacific coast scene on a rainy day along highway one

Evening view from the Panoramic Way apartment, Berkeley, California

Downtown San Francisco through binoculars from the Berkeley Hills.

Three-foot drop on North Yuba River, California

My hangout at work in Fremont, California

Winter morning over Alameda Creek, Fremont, California

A glimpse of Johan during BPS-99

Desert living along Interstate 15 to Las Vegas, Nevada

Scene from Emerald´s Bay in Lake Tahoe, California

Rain is eroding the peaks along Li River in Guilin, China

Toker on a cloudy winter day in the farm in Sweden

Photographed with locals in Beijing, China

A black widow poses for me n my bike locker at work in Fremont, California

Windy roads in the coastal range east of Big Sur, California

Seagulls following the Angel Island ferry

Anya, sitting by Lake Tahoe, California

Emerald´s Bay in Lake Tahoe, California

Close encounter in a San Fracisco marina

A fire hydrant in Napa Valley, California

The bat who lived on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Daniel and Maria on the bridge of T/S Britta in Sweden

Preparing mentally for a trip on the San Francisco bay

Me & Calle ready for more jumps at Alpine Meadows, California

All dressed up for Halloween in the Castro, San Francisco, California

Full sails on T/S Britta, Sweden

Crooked trees beneath the house on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Excalibur in Las Vegas, Nevada

Trees along the way to Las Vegas, Nevada

Rocks in Monument Valley, Arizona

Marina during a hammock moment on Panoramic Way, Berkeley, California

Sunset over Emeryville as seen from Panoramic Way, Berkeley, California

A flower bouquet on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Gamba and me during one of our trips on the San Francisco bay

Store sign in Claremont, California

Surfin´ in Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii

Crew line-up during river rafting on North Yuba, California

Chinese news paper coverage of our concert tour in China 2002

Wrapping my odometer during morning commute in Fremont, California

Emeryville Marina as seen from the Berkeley Hills

Marina on a beach in Central California

Christmas decorations on Panoramic Way in Berkeley, California

Ready to take the plunge at the Granite Bay triathlon, California

The Lone Cypress on the Monterey peninsula, California

Blind boy playing his instrument on the streets of Beijing, China

Factory guard on break outside Shanghai, China

Emma warming up in the winter sun in Uddevalla, Sweden

Trying to scare Maja on Halloween in San Francisco, California

November view on San Jacinto Mountain, Palm Springs, California


Worn out and happy after a full day of downhill skiing at Northstar, California

Enjoying the tracks at Tahoe Cross Country, California

Cooling off after a bike ride up Mt Tamalpais, California

Last glimpse of California when heading for China

Moment from Simon and Leann´s wedding in San Francisco, California

My old camera from the pre-digital days

Olof plays with a squirrel on the beach in Carmel, California

Jenny and Daphna singing out at Maja´s bachelorette party in San Francisco

Erik & Madeleine on the steps of City Hall in San Francisco, California

Going for a swim off Testholmen, Sweden

Maja at her Ph.D. graduation in Berkeley, California

Enjoying a good port at Marion´s in San Francisco, California

Hanging out on the San Francisco bay