Webpixle allows you to post your digital photos in a snap.
  • Browse through your digital photos, put the good ones on a web page along with your commentary, and upload the whole thing to your web site.
  • Webpixle will take care of all the gritty HTML generation, title, date, and gives your page a sleek, professional look.
  • The user interface is aimed towards cutting the time spent posting your photos.
  • Launches quickly - makes it suitable as default picture viewer.
  • Built-in support for JPEG images, but also capable of handling GIF images and various movie clips.
  • Customizable to your specific needs for code generation and web page look & feel.
  • Development is always on-going - upgrading to the latest version is as easy as clicking on a dialog button.
Download the current version: 1.16   release notes

  1. Download iview395.exe to install IrfanView 3.95 (or go to http://www.irfanview.com for latest version) (this free 3rd party application is used for image rotating, scaling, cropping, and compression)
  2. Download webpixle.exe (approx 1MB) and save it onto your hard disk (e.g. in the directory "C:\Program Files\Webpixle\")
  3. Create a shortcut to Webpixle onto your desktop, e.g. to "C:\Program Files\Webpixle\webpixle.exe"
You may also click here to view the disclaimer, then go back and click here to download the application.

  1. Drag a photo file or folder onto the Webpixle shortcut or application
  2. Use the arrow keys or your mouse to walk through all images in the current directory
  3. To edit an image, press 'E' to Edit the image (e.g. in Paint) and save it when you're ready
  4. To crop an image, simply click 'n drag to select desired area
  5. Press 'A' to add the current image to your web page:
    • Enter a comment to go along with the image (optional)
      Hint: For advanced user, HTML code may also be entered, e.g. to create hyperlinks, change font, etc.
    • Press Enter when done, or Shift+Enter for additonal image layout options
    • If this is the first image to be added to a new page, you will now be prompted for additonal web page information such as page title, date, desired layout.
  6. Continue to walk through your images and add the good ones to the web page
  7. Press '!' when you're done with your web page. Voilą!
    You may now use your favorite FTP application to upload the web page to your web server. All files related to the web page are contained in one directory, for easy uploading & organizing.
  8. Press '?' at any time to bring up the help and getting further instructions
To see a complete list of features and instrutions, launch Webpixle and press '?' to bring up the built-in manual.

Hint: To make Webpixle your default image viewing application, right-click a JPEG image and choose 'Open With...' followed by 'Choose Program...'. Find & select webpixle.exe in the Open dialog that appears. Check 'Always use the selected program...', and click OK.

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