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China, day 4
May 24, 2002

Our fourth day in Beijing started with a morning rehearsal for the upcoming concert the same evening in the Beijing Theater

Christina going over details with our guides

Mark trying to say "Old Dan Tucker" in Chinese (movie file)

P5 rehearsing

In the afternoon, I went for a walk downtown

You'd see a lot of people hanging out together, playing games (Mahjong seen here), planting vegetables, or just chatting.

Given the large number of bikes around town, you also see bikes being repaired every here and there.

Their minivans tend to be somewhat smaller than their US counterparts...Go China! :-)

Instead of barb wire, why not use shattered glass?

"a high voltage view"

Very typical downtown apartments. The Beijingers usually own their apartments, paying about 6000 Yuan per square meter.

Fixing that flat tire

Cleaning up that river

Notice how the sign informs you that it's May 24th, 36 centigrade - and a 63dB sound level!

There is a small river running just by our hotel. This man goes for a nice swim three days a week.

It's true.

Being a tall blond, you sometimes feel like a movie star...

Bikes, cars, and rickshaws...mixed traffic!

Lots and lots and lots of old bicycles...

Walking the chicken.

The street cleaner's vehicle...a bicycle and a broom.

The mover's vehicle...a bicycle and some blankets.

Next stop: Beijing Theatre for tonight's concert

The audience' biggest amusement was Mark's introduction in Chinese.


Go Bears!

P5 gathered after a successful performance. It all went very well, both for P5 and UCAC.

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