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China, day 15
June 4, 2002

Our last day full day in China, we chose to spend on our own.
First out was Jin Mao Tower, third tallest building in the world.

There is a constant fog over the city, probably a sign of pollution.

The scary part is to look down inside the tower...a 30-story drop (you can't see all the way down).

Over ten thousand kilometers from home...

Third tallest building as seen from below...

Next up: The large temple bazar right behind The Bund.

shoe delivery

Monte shopping for ear rings

At lunch, there was also a dinner show - the audience was encouraged to participate

The lunch theme was "Minority food"
...still Chinese food to me :-P

Barbara happy to have found a Starbucks

The evening has come and it's time for the Farewell Dinner!

Many ladies had shopped for silk clothes during the trip

Wine has been a rarity during our trip

Some night shots around The Bund

wearing a crown

cool looking

This is also the time to thank everybody making this trip happen

Marina is leaving the chorus, and the Bay Area, to pursue a great job offer in Sweden

Mark got a nice book on China

...and finally, Judy got a very nice tea pot!

Mark's hint to the reader:
The limericks will work better if you have had a couple of drinks and are in a party mood.

Gan-bei! Sumner just wrote sixty-two limerick.
Some are fun - but some are sick.
Eventually I will defend,
If I happen to offend.
Just relax! Won't hurt long, they're over quick!

Mark announcing his 62 limericks...with a limerick, of course! (movie file)

May it forever be told
You've got a heart of gold.
Ching, Cheng, Chang
Sing, Diona, a song
Pray they never break your mold.
Diona Cheng
Diona (movie file)

How lucky we are to have such a fan.
A treasure to have this musical clan.
Rare a rhythmic glitch
Always the perfect pitch
The next tour we plan around Ann!
Ann Watrous
Ann (movie file)

What do you make of this stalwart gent?
Rock steady and independent
Always thinking
(Sometimes drinking)
P 5's firm foundation, Brent.
Brent Hagen
Brent (movie file)

Each concert she indelibly puts her chops on.
When and where to go,
and how and who tromps on.
You better not surprise her
By claiming your own riser
Or you'll suffer the wrath of Cathy Thompson.


You just fill in the blank: Gary and _______
Hint: She has many a connection.
Her airy voice sings
As Gary's choice clings
His connection is our answer: Marian.
Marian Kohlstedt
Marian (movie file)

Her appetite for life is hearty.
Knows how to plan and when to party.
Took a class of Chinese
She can now pass with ease
The tour's been a blast with Kathy Hardy!
Kathie Hardy (movie file)

Fifteen days weren't long enough, frankly,
To really get to know this particular Yankee.
If you are along for the ride
Then time is on our side!
For joining our family, thank ye, Gene Tanke!
Gene (movie file)

I don't think I've ever seen him yawn -
Too much going on, and often looks put upon.
Is it me or
Is he being Eor?
No blue cloud in China sky for us or Jon.
Jon Johnsen
Jon (movie file)

We take for granted our music library.
Finding interest in it is rather scary.
To seek help she fishes for us
All the while remaining presidicious
Love you, our never contrary, Bari!
Bari Cornet
Bari (movie file)

This is a real hard guy to diss
Such a cool pair, he and his Miss
When he own a
Gal like Diona
There's no way we can dismiss Chris.
Chris Hunt
Chris (movie file)

In bridge parlance, she's got trump!
Which means to say, she's got 'oomph'
There's no one in the joint
As straight and to the point
As P5er, Emily Stumpf.
Emily (movie file)

I already had the fortune to know his better half.
Together, they've produced treasures - China must haves.
I recommend a solution
For a new Cultural Revolution:
A line of empresses starting with the Metcalfs.
David Metcalf
David Metcalf (movie file)

(sing) Berkeley has a little lamb
Who'd have thought she's Liz's ma'am??
No camera could capture more of
China's fauna and flora
Than the eye of Lora Graham.
Lora (movie file)

Holding out for the good bargain - He con!
Still at it when the rest of us are done.
In Guilin, Dalian or Xi'an
"One dollar, hello, Ten yuan!"
"Watch out, your bus is gone, John!"
John Vlahos
John Vlahos (movie file)

Leading the chorus at Cal a-new
Praising the Gold on Sproul and Blue
Managing this grand herd
While raising our standard
By singing so bold and true, Mary Gallahue!
Gallahue (movie file)

There were times we seemed over a barrel
And when it appeared the tour was in peril
We sought some assistance
And through her persistence
P5 is here, in part, thanks to Carol!
Carol Suveda
Carol (movie file)

Now if you want an on-the-go traveler,
Tag along with Flo-Jo Lafler.
She's got all the facts
Far-a-field and preplanned tracks
I like to change the itinerary just to baffle her.
Jo (movie file)

Wary of another wacky mezzo?
This year I didn't have to fret so.
Can one be more lovely?
I'm forced to rhyme doubly
With a name like Sarah Accomezzo.
Sarah (movie file)

Clear from the getgo he was full of desires.
And to create so many opportunities, he aspires.
Pictures in every county
Veggie-food in such bounty!
Not a stone unturned by Monte Meyers.
Monte (movie file)

He may not be God's answer to energy
But when K-pup opens his mouth he sends me.
With local facets he's not far
And vocal assets of a rock star
There's 'no present mirth' being with Kenji.
Kenji Huang
Kenji (movie file)

One of the best causes for crowin'
Is how our bottom line keeps growin'
In two weeks, Lisa and her gent
Saved, on average, 900 percent!
Saving our assets, you're a treasure, Peter Cloven.
Peter (movie file)

Goobye, au revoir, zaijian, adios
Back to the land of plenty, well almost.
One thing we have a dearth of
Are people like Martha
Made no finer (not even in China), Martha Vlahos.
Martha Vlahos (movie file)

In UCAC and P5 you're worth ten!
Before this year, where on earth have you been?
In Utah, of the fifty nifty.
And you all got to sing with Kristy.
It's two for the price of one with Ms. Wirthlin.
Kristy (movie file)

He is no pizza or KFC dude.
Now in hog-head heaven with exotic food.
Share a spoon and fork
With young bear, David Boyk.
In many ways, a quintessential Berkeley 'stood'.
David (movie file)

I am put off guard, I confess.
When questioned hard, she's merciless.
At least there's empathy
If not much sympathy.
I'll take my medicine when it's Cathy Less.

Cathy Less (movie file)

With Karen there is no sparin'
On her face she is always wearin'
That mile between two 's's.
May those smiles always bless us.
Xie, xie for your sharin' and Cal-Bear-in!
Karen Moore
Karen Moore (movie file)

Goodbye, Shanghai and the Bund.
God Bless America, Alma Raymond
With her hair 'white as foam'
'We're' now (sing) 'going home
To our city by the Bay'-pond.
Alma (movie file)

Doesn't he always seem to be spilling his guts?
Driving me -and how far is he this side of-nuts!
This sire's a chantin' menace
And the choir's phantom Dennis
Please sir, no more 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts'! [laugh]
Dennis Butzlaff
Dennis (movie file)

Down the Li River or on African safari
Heck, I'd even tour Tucumcari.
You'll never hear a 'nyeh'
As long as there's a Nieh.
For me, there's no trip without Ari.
Ari Nieh
Ari (movie file)

(sing) This Berkeley lass is bonny
I love her laugh, it's funny.
Out on the Mira
She can sing higher.
I Can Tell the World, it's Gravitz, Ronni!
Ronni Gravitz (movie file)

Being an independent sort, I thought he might dodge us.
Not a good idea of you are where you should watch your ass.
But this tour had many a surprise
One, when I stop and realize
We have no bigger groupie than Tom Watrous!
Watrous (movie file)

I know at times members have had a musical bruisin'
When one can't seem to win for losin'
Affection - how do you earn mine???
Perfection! - a la 'Bernstein'
I'll have a steady course of her on my lazy Susan.
Susan Bernstein
Bernstein (movie file)

What a package - such an overall singer!
Musician, vocal talent - a real weener!
On the Fall show, we did so need her.
Santiago became a full-on leader
P5 now doesn't start or stop without Sabriner.
Sabrina Santiago
Sabrina (movie file)

Would a group groupie be a grouper?
Whatever! Having her along has been just super!
She's always ready to go see.
Now we're goin' steady with Jody,
A third-world tripper and what a trouper!
Jody Ames
Jodie (movie file)

Could this blonde be a real brunette?
A manager, trainer, advisor and, soubrette!
With her it's all business
Without a hint of ditsiness.
For all her mettle, she's a real steal, Brette!
Brette Steele
Brette (movie file)

I spent thousand of dollars to learn "less is more."
It's a constant lesson I often abhor.
But with Bob belonging to Karen
Why rob us by sparin'?
I now have this new motto: "Moore is more!"
Robert Moore
Bob Moore (movie file)

Without her this scene's not startin'.
Tour's over - now this queen's a partin'.
England, Hungary, China
It just keeps getting' finer!
We'll continue to court, Christina Martin.
Christina (movie file)

Soon she'll again call Sweden her home
And then her man will be needin' to phone.
But like many a 'good a boy'
He will join her in Götheborg
Where together, they'll manager Sternerson-Alexandersson and sons.
Marina Alexandersson
Marina (movie file)

Well, I guess we've all done our duty.
Noticed? She hasn't been too moody!
We're now all buckless
But's it's been an undeniable success!
Three cheers for our tour Empress Judy!
Judy Roberts
Judy (movie file)

Peachy, you can now up your fee, gal!
Cheeky, all that's left is to swear under the eagle!
From a dog's bark
To a ravenous shark.
Leechy, she'll suck us dry now that Sara's legal.
Sara Raymond
Sara Raymond (movie file)

I always recommend you lithp when your rhythm mitheth.
Thimilarly, he mutht taketh aim when he pitheth.
Particularly be wary
Of his logic contrary
So lithen clothely to the thpeech of Gary Thmitheth
Gary Smith
Gary (movie file)

Up the sleeve, I have a real trick, man!
First you don't see her, now you do! Slick, man!
Two days we waited for the late one
And then POOF, I bring you Caitlin'
Now I present - NIGHTMAN and BRICKMAN!
Caitlin Brickman

Caitlin (movie file)

That funny bone she knows how to push!
Queen of laughs! Why not a post under Bush?
There are few as gay
So Confucius say:
The bird in Luanne is like a kick in the tush!
Luanne Rogers
Luanne (movie file)

Whose hair color would you call rust?
And who, more, would you put your trust?
Her help with the Spanish
And with a range, both woman and mannish
Makes Hoppler popular, at least until August.
August Hoppler
August (movie file)

It has worked out that he's flea to be a slug - no strife!
He has much more time now to bug his wife.
I'm toad his needs aren't fancy
Though his pants get a bit antsy.
No more silk worms and jade Buddha pests in 'a Doug's life!'
Doug Raymond
Doug (movie file)

I reveal a secret that will certainly astonish.
His opportunism gave it away about Hannes.
Picture taking and uncopyrighted music books,
A bad accent, shoelifts and fake Swedish looks.
No Adonis at all. I now tell you, a descendant of the HAN he is!
Hannes Sternerson
Hannes (movie file)

I haven't had the chance to confide in her
So I can't reflect any particular side of her.
Like all of us, unique
Like most alums, oblique
And after forty-five Chinese meals, Wide-n-er.
Mary Widenor
Widenor (movie file)

For fifteen days she's been our golden glue.
Kept us healthy, informed, Gold and Blue.
She's one of a true few
And more than just 'ma ma hoo hoo' (Chinese for 'okay')
China 2002, thanks to you!
Jiun-Chyi Yew.
Jiun-Chyi (movie file)

On the left and the right-who has as many fans?
And it's not just because of your amazing hands.
In these and other lands
Everyone else always stands
For the sounds and the sight of William Garcia Ganz.
Bill Gantz (movie file)

So absorbed in his singing, often blind is he!
Probably the reason this singer is as fine as he.
And as for Ed and my conducting?
I'm dead as a Peking Duckling.
So I abdicate, eunuchs and all, to the Eng Dynasty!
Ed Eng
Ed Eng (movie file)

Who could help us, say, we should muff???
Do you know a mezzo maybe good 'nough???
Someone on her toes?
Always knows how it goes?
No one??? [to service waitress] Okay, tea I would luff!
Katie Woodruff
Katie (movie file)

In a short time, you learn she's no dolt.
After a longer time, you'd think she's on Jolt.
But no one blabs
As well as Babs
Just know, with Hohlt, when to bolt.
Barbara Hohlt
Barbara (movie file)

China has got to be heaven for Mister Beazley
At six foot-thirty he turned heads too easily.
Every where a swimmin' pool
And half a billion women drool
Over the blonde hair and ass-ets of 'Da Bizi'!
Brendan Beazley
Brendan (movie file)

He's not just the guy up there in the funny hat.
He's the one who'll exchange tat for tat.
He's a beacon a beckonin'
Just a-seeking to get sucked in.
Who needs a World Trade Center when you've got Matt?
Matt Carruth
Matt (movie file)

With talk a bit flagrant and blatant
And a style rather decadent and fragrant.
This prima Don-na
Is a 'sreamer' [comma]
There's nothing about him that's latent.
Donald Leighton
Don (movie file)

We must have left behind a hill of muck!
I know I ate enough to fill a truck.
But hearing "To Tammy, with Love"
I stopped heaving from tummy to above.
I just take one Tammy-pill and suck!
Tammy Pilusuk
Tammy (movie file)

[sing] ' The lovelies of Dalian, there's somehow not a one.
The glories in Xi'an, his talk was underdone.'
Not one you find? Feeling shunned?
Is there a concubine - here on the Bund?
Without 'another day' you're under the gun, Hutchison!
Eric Hutchison
Hutchison (movie file)

[sing] 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow, skies are blueth
There's a land that I heard of, why then oh why can't you-eth?'
Is there any way to stop her?
There can be no words proper
'When many happy blud-bears fly' with Becky Ruth!
Becky (movie file)

Every chorus should have a Cricket
For each "Hua Fei Hua" she'll figure a way to lick it.
For left brainers, she's the ticket!
For middle roaders, you'll have to pick it.
Then there are those who suggest that she just stick it!
Cricket Evans
Cricket (movie file)

New bass section leader Tim two-point-'oh'-lucky you!
Two years ago, we lost Tim number one to Timbucktu.
Oh God! I'm having deja vu
Oh SOD! Don't leave after Asia, too!
If you do-all I've got to say is . . . . . see you later.
Tim Warner
Tim (movie file)

Well, this is it for China 2002
It was great for me; I hope for you, too!
Tiananmen, Ming Tombs, Wild Goose
'Bu yow', bowling, P5 on the loose
One question is left: In 2004, where to???
Where to go 2004 (movie file)

Mark (movie file)

Next, P5 presented a very catchy song I've never heard before. Very well arranged and with great work on backup and lead vocals!

One of our last bus rides - back home on our last night

Instead of going to bed, we gathered up at a pub just across from the hotel.

This guy randomly drew Monte's portrait, and then tried to sell it to him. Well...there was no deal happening.

Signing Mark's book on China

Since Dennis actually is no fun at all, he uses a special sign whenever he's telling a joke.

Proceed to Day 16

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