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China, day 12
June 1, 2002

Right outside our hotel, the Chinese were practicing ballroom dancing every morning

The crowd is doin' it (movie file)

One or a few lead the dance, and hundreds follow

Making the right moves (movie file)

some were also practicing ballroom dancing at the airport

how to endure a long flight

All lined up, headed for Shanghai

Leaving Guilin...

Not only are the hills of Guilin terraced, each terrace also holds standing water for the rice!

the Guilin hills

Arriving in Shanghai, where the airport is located in the city itself

Alright, Shanghai - here we come!
Pretty hot, but not as humid as Guilin.

Who knew McDonald's make umbrellas?

In Shanghai, dryers are illegal (in modern houses) why you see a lot of laundry out in the sun. Great move!
Now the rest of the world's warmer countries need to follow...!

First stop in Shanghai was the largest Bhuddist temple in Shanghai

The temple is used even as there are many tourists inside

roof ornament

looking down on you

We had the opportunity to see some of the mass

They were playing drums and chanting (movie file)

Why so many tiles? Half the amount would do...?

It means good luck if you can make a coin stand up on this wooden sculpture

The reclining Buddha...somewhat different from the original

The original reclining Buddha

A very typical Shanghai skyline

Architecture is all along the "spacy" style

Evening event: Shanghai acrobatic show

Enjoy the acrobats diving through the loops (movie file)

The specatuclar loop hole finale (movie file)

These "lions" do very nice tricks...!

This poor guy is the only one not knowing the knives were never actually thrown at him

How to keep 18 plates spinning.... (movie file)

Wearing many different hats

Alright...time to go home and sleep...

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