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Tennessee Valley Sunday
March 19, 2006

Clearly one of the best ways to start a day: hot, fresh bread with fresh-squeezed lemon juice...in the basking backyard sun.

The cala lilies seem happy too.

Anyway, this day is dedicated to the great outdoors. Jeff joins me on a BART train to the city...

We pay touristy homage to the sea lions at Pier 39.

We also seem to encounter the "Emerald Nuts" runners on our way through the city...

the Marina greens are in full bloom

The Golden Gate takes us over to Marin.

in Sausalito, the rock balance artist at large

We're riding way faster than I planned....so we enjoy a half hour snack break in the Sausalito sun.


We carve our way west through the hills



At Tennessee Valley, we hook up with Sandrine, Jane, Amaya, Julien and Christof and head down to the beach.

risky stream crossing

Christof, captivated

Julien, Amaya

We head back...

...and up the hill!

stunning views...

...steep climbs...

...sheer cliffs...

...and hidden dangers!          [poison oak]

approaching the peak...

...a perfect lunch spot!

Jeff, Sandrine, Christof, Jane, Imola, Amaya
[along the ridge]


looking north towards Bolinas and Muir Beach


[the names have been changed to protect the guilty]

return trip planning (with a view)

San Francisco's Ocean Beach



the great outdoors

Ok, all ready for takeoff.

Julien reacts to the upcoming sports car ride

passed on my ride back down

We head back east...

...to Rockridge, where it's dinner time!

Christof does his usual magic by the grill

...and I whip out my signature mash.

Daphna and Jonathan soon join in

A few glasses of wine later, we're all tired, all happy.

Evening falls...

</great day>

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