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Camping on Mt Diablo
May 27, 2005

Shortly after work on this gorgeous Friday, we find ourselves atop Mt Diablo, absorbing the sunset and pitching our tents.

Christof and Imola arrived a couple of hours before us and squeezed in some hiking and started a nice fire.

Audrey and I are still jet-lagged from just leaving work.

we watch dense fog roll in over the hills beneath

All set to enjoy a long & nice dinner!

the sun finally creeps down behind the clouds

Christof is tending to the grill

some moments will live forever

bed time

Just minutes later, I hear a noise outside...

A raccoon broke the cabinet open and is now having a feast on our trash. I'd better lock that up in the car instead.

Anyway, the night falls...
When opening our eyes the next morning, it takes a few seconds to figure out where hech we are...not quite the usual bedroom wall.

Yet another blanket of fog is rolling in...a bit higher this time.

Looks like Christof and Imola have also woken up.

Hmmm...a hot breakfast!

best part of the day...

..even better with hot cereal, creme cheese bagels and a hot cup of tea.

Yep, still alive.

I wish cleaning the house at home was this easy....just lift and shake it all out.

Parked near Juniper campgrounds.

All packed up, we take to the trails.

The "Mount Diablo Fairy Lantern" only grows here - nowhere else in the whole world.

Be very careful to avoid the lush poison oak!

The summit of Mt Diablo.

This time, by foot. My favorite is by bike, but you can of course drive up as well.

Amid hundreds of other purple little flowers, this is the only one with a NEW stalk shooting up from the center of another one...!

heading back down

to enjoy a lunch in the sun!

Audrey and I then stem off east from the Curry Point.

intense colors

Last stop - 'Rock City' - where the rock is as smooth as on the Swedish west coast...but very very soft...people are etching their names all over this one.

a moment to remember

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