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Snowmobile in Tahoe
January 17, 2004

On a weekend in the middle of January, Erik & me head up to the Bernards' in Lake Tahoe for some fun snowmobiling.

Lukas is greeting us when we wake up for breakfast on Saturday morning.

We load up our gear...

...the snowmobiles...

...and head off to nearby Hope Valley.

Hope Valley

Off we go, the four of us.

some places you can only go on a snowmobile

walk on water

multiple times

creek crossing (movie file)

open views

You can buzz up almost anything

atop a hill

enjoying the view

view from the top

on a roll (movie file)

stopping by old trees

the scenery changes in seconds

Time to head back.

the sun about to set

"Thank you!" (Lukas wants my camera.)

last stop before we dive into the jacussi back home - the gas station

Hanna has prepared some yummy fish & potatoes. Boy, was that ever good!

The next day, we're back at it again.

Lukas is safely riding along (and sometimes he's even sleeping)

Meet our friends: "Meanie"


"Mountain Goat"

...and this is my one-eyed monster, "Whitie".

[apart from being mean and all, they can also be quite comfy at times]


through the trees (movie file)
-I am not crashing, I am just reaching for the break towards the end :-)

someone's stuck in a branch

Lukas patiently waiting while we dig it loose

time for a break

After a few hours of climbing up and down hills, we reach Bear Valley.

We met with other snowmobilers, and got some good tips on good rides.

some snow on the roof


At 9,800' you're on top of the whole wide world.

where we are

Another short break; Erik handing out chcolate.


balance act

Back at that creek crossing again, heading back. Too wet this time, we cross elsewhere instead.

we run into our friends again


Hmm...heading home, the darn car broke down.

The transmission ceased. This may just be the end of it...or at least get very expensive.

movie trailers at the pump

Chuck takes us back to the Greyhound station in Sacramento.
(here caught going through a car wash)

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