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Triathlon #3
September 14, 2003


Loading up my bike on Saturday, to go to a crayfish party in the city; then off to a triathlon th next morning.


Next morning, loading up Martina's and my bikes on the back of the car...


...and we're ready to go.

6.45am (yawn)


a new day is dawning


Christof, Imola, Claus, and Christina arrived at Folsom Lake just ahead of us.


The trunk of the Cadillac is large enough for all their stuff, clothes, and two bicycles.


Christof getting ready to race.


the starting field on Folsom Lake beach


Christof is the first one out of the water, at 17:44



He quickly swaps out the swim gear for the biking outfit.


Martina's up next, at 19:45


Martina changes in seconds....


....and before we know it, she's gone again.


And finally, I get out of the water, at 23 minutes and 1 second from the start.


Christof zooming by the roadside photographer (Imola!)


55 minutes later, he switches to running shoes.

-But, what's that on his head??


Aahhh...the infamous helmet hairstyle!


Well, there seems to be time for a banana as well. Taking it easy...



Here I am, after 16 miles and 51 minutes on my bike....


...and off I go for the 5 mile run!


Christof, offered water halfway through the run.


Speeding up a little, he flies by his parents who are cheering alongside.


Me, shortly behind.


Spectators can enjoy the Californian sun while watching madmen run in this heat.


So, I pass the finish line after 43 minutes on the running track.


Christof finishes after wearing his running shoes for 49 minutes.



There are a few minutes to unwind...


...and cool down.


Martina appears after 55 minutes of running.



looks like we all made it

Bib SwimBikeRunFinish


Just another one of those perfect convertible days!



slumber in the sun


We're closely followed by Elemer, on our way back to Walnut Creek...


...where Christof and Imola are treating us with a yummy barbecue!



Life's good in this back yard.


Elemer, who also triathleted with us.


Nothing's like a cold beer after a decent triathlon.




Christina under a palm tree on Hawaii


Ahhh...dinner time!


Guten Apetit!


Gosh, I'm getting hungry just by posting these photos...



In the middle of a story, most likely...


There's no place like home...


...but Walnut Creek, CA, sure is up there too!


The warm evening falls, and we cozy up indoors for a cup of coffee.


Yep, that was one heck of a good day.


-Let's do it again soon.

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