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Sykes Hot Springs
October 4, 2003


It's amazing how much stuff you bring for just one night...
[sleeping bag & pad, tent, wine, water filter, food, clothes, stove, ...]


views along hwy 1 towards Big Sur



[click to view panorama]


getting ready for action at Big Sur
[Christof, Imola]














Tara, Joe


...and me.


So we headed out by noon.

[Christof, Imola, Jane, Lenka, Jeff, Monica, Brian, Gemma, Tara, Joe]

(Kubilay & Mark just missed us and started somewhat later)


scrambling down the trail


across creeks...


...and hills


Hills are nice & green, and the weater is just splendid.



lunch stop halfways



after 10 miles, we find our destination


After a few hours of hot spring soaking, we cozy up on our camp site.
John joined us along the hike.


for supper...yummy Tasty Bites with rice





Oops, that was the last wine.


Seconds later, Django will enjoy a large piece of ham - while John is looking the other way.


...and I need a haircut.



Jeff's our cook for the evening - that's a tasty dinner, Jeff!


After a good night's rest, a new day dawns.


As Mother Nature is stretching and yawning, Imola enjoyes oatmeal with a cup of tea.


Oyster breakfast for John.





Another few hours of hot soaking, and we head back.


an initial steep incline puts the river behind us


crossing little creeks, occasionally refilling my filter water bottle





Kubilay is making water (movie file)


3 miles into the hike; resting by a creek crossing


time to recharge batteries...


...and water supply


-eh........you ok?













lined up on a log


redwood framing



wooden arches



another lunch at the five mile mark


we also met Lucia and her parents



Tara, Joe


feeding her lollipop to a banana slug...



...attracting great interest.


Back at it again - full steam ahead.



enjoying the view


last stretch to Big Sur




-Just in case there's any confusion.


motion blur at a Big Sur restaurant


Kubilay in action


what's left of us

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