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Carmel by the sea
July 6, 2002

a gorgeous day by the beaches of Carmel

Going there convertible is a beautifyl drive across the hills....

...and windy, too.

Hey, these waves look just great for...


That looks too cold for me.

Hey, I wanna to try too!

yeaa, it works

going parallel (movie file)




-Enough, eh?

Nah, I want to go again. (movie file)

feeding the hungry

we're not the only ones having fun in the waves

Carmel by the sea

These little puddles exchange water twice a day; at every flood

they host some beautiful marine life

Olof fishing for crabs

Ah, that's where he's hiding...

So, why does sand squeak? (movie file)

see? it's not that cold.

-Let's call this a day.