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Björn & Dan building a fireplace
Mar 25 - Apr 5, 2002

In March, we had the honor of housing Dan & Björn for a weekend
Here, posing atop Skyline Blvd on the Peninsula

The view of San Jose



Evening dinner after a nice "convertible day"

Next morning, a walk up Panoramic

Dan climbing horizontal trees - easier that way

View from our back yard

Marina, Björn and Dan. We're on our way across the bay to San Francisco

200 minutes later, we arrive at Pier 39.

It's always quite windy in SF

Enjoy our view of the San Francisco waterfront      ====>

Windy San Francisco - the kite paradise!

watch "The Dance of the Kites" (movie file)


Cargo ship, Pilot, and Alcatraz...barely.

Heading towards Pier 39

These guys have quite a good beat going...see for yourselves! (movie file)

All hungry after a long day at sea. Ordering one pizza each.

Well...some ended up in doggy bags.

Experience the pier 39 crowd (movie file)

Gotta send those postcards...

That'll make a nice gift!

But...we want to go too..!

that cargo ship again

Dan overlooking the sea lions

Next day, we went shopping for shoes.

Then, off to Gail och Jim's in San Mateo for Easter.

A very neat Easter decoration

Next week, we went to Hollister to check out the fireplace being built...

Late night work...

...under tight supervision :-)


Cutting bricks

a drop on the lens

Back to work early Friday morning - the day of departure to Sweden

Getting the inner layer in place

More cement under way...

Trying to keep those sheep at bay back home

Chip or Dale?

These things remind me of airport security...

...slowly getting higher...

...and higher...

Hanna shooting a documentary.

Now where's that brick...

Up on the house top with old Saint Nick!

Join the action! (movie file)


even higher

OK, enough! Jam packed and ready to go.

Have a nice trip, guys. Come back soon!

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