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Mellandagar i Uddevalla
Dec 26, 2001 - Jan 6, 2002

Dad on his birthday, here with his sister & her husband

sunrise through apple trees

Sunrise over Björkkullen


sun rising over berg

Olof in the car, on our way to Öberg

window art

random moments along the way

Some photos from their house there.
This is very old school map of Scandinavia.

The old house features very old style furnishing

Trying out the Nintendo

Dining hall

main hall

living room

The crispy winter days are very inviting

on a walk down to Rödberget

water is warmer than the air

Our party features two photographers

The hills around Ljungskile

Erik, Olof

Nothing but blue skies

Use this as desktop background - 1024x768, 1280x1024

walking in snow


Sun setting through light snowfall

Next day in the barn

-Hello there


Attempt to a passport photo...
I gave up and went to a camera booth instead.

It's yet another nice & crisp day


Checking on the tall ship, who is hibernating through the winter

Floor planks up to monitor inboard water level

Dad's checking the ship's mail a few times a week

Snow plows are having a busy winter

Just playing with a pair of binoculars in front of the camera...

...you DO get pretty close!

Some windows don't see the sun during wintertime, the sun gets caught behind the barn.

A few moments before sunset

The next morning, sheep eager to get some food - and company

a bird's nest in the crooked old apple tree

Night view of the new bridge over Sunningesund

The neighbors' Christmas tree lights up the darkness

Moon over Inga's


A rather cold morning....brr!

That's when you appreciate a nice log fire

Sun rising over the apple trees, as seen from my window

Fog rises from the sea

Marina, Emma, Dad

A glimpse of my home town, Uddevalla

Who's behind that camera?! That's me up that tree.
We're cutting it down to give the lawn some more sunlight.

After some preparation, we could just pull it down using the rope. Watch it! (movie file)

...and gone it is.

Next day, yet another nice sunrise.

That evening, we went to the movies for The Lord of the Rings.

A stroll through the woods to the waterfront.

Marina wants to be on MTV. (movie file)

Overlooking the sea at sunset

Marina between two trees that have fallen opposite ways.

A very, very small creek that has been there since I was little.
Is it getting dark? No worries, there's at least another hour of light after sunset.

This show put on just as we got home.

Early next morning, there's a was a new lamb!

The proud mother of a newborn.

In another corner of the barn...

Day view of the new bridge along E6.
It cuts your drive by almost an hour (but it makes a tremendous noise).

Another day is ending...

Dinner's ready.

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