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Bear Valley ski weekend
Dec 15, 2001 - downhill day

Leaving a sunny Berkeley...

...for a trip to the cozy Bear's Lair in Bear Valley, south of Lake Tahoe

Elin & Calle relaxing

Bertil enjoying a drink by the sparkling fire

Jesper & Annica

The welcoming view out the front door next morning

Catching the bus to the slopes

Jane and her glasses

Daphna in hers

Bear Valley - the upper mountain

East view, from up there

Hannes, Ped, Bertil, Pelle & Staffan

shady cliff

Ped & Gabe doing what those snowboarders always do

Ped zooming in on his snowboard (movie file)

Ped smoothing by (movie file)

Not much of a jump, Ped (movie file)

Jesper, Annica, Elin

Jesper in a nice split (movie file)

Hey - don't push me!

Jesper making a nice cloud (movie file)

An even nicer split, Jesper! (movie file)

Pelle at lunch

Need to work on that landing, Pelle (movie file)

Pelle goes horizontal (movie file)

Head down, Pelle! (movie file)

There's nothing like fresh powder, Pelle (movie file)




Calle enjoying nice turns in deep powder (movie file)

Calle making good air (movie file)

Calle down the hill (movie file)



All of us; Pelle, Calle, Gabe, Hannes, Ped, Jesper & Annica

Ped, Gabe & Ped getting ready for some afternoon downhill.

Gabe under the tree

Hannes dashing downhill (10MB movie file)

Hannes flying high (movie file)

Not quite a jump, Hannes (movie file)

Hannes digs in (movie file)

Hannes - fly by (movie file)


Hannes getting stuck in a creek (movie file)

Daphna teaching us what Hannukah is all about



"Vi satsar på att däcka vid 12, så får vi sova 8 timmar!"

"Vi måste locka tillbaka Pelle också"

Jane & Jeff

Gabe, always dead serious

"Pelle har en öl i handen, han är en av oss"
-Elin (Pelle kommer och sjunger supasånger)

Jane, and what is probably the best glass of wine she ever had
Nothing tastes better after a full day of skiing.

Saturday night party in full bloom.

"De pratar om min senaste doughnut!"
-Pelle ang de nyktra pojkarnas deeptalk

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